Satellite Video Solutions

Tveon’s custom encoder lowers bitrate, maintains visual quality and makes video data accessible via satellite.
Video Appliances to Enhance Network Capabilities

Our mission is to bring the power of deep learning and video engineering to optimize any video. We work with our clients to imagine how their video data can be optimized, then we build the solution. That’s what we did for a US-based drone company, specialized in infrastructure inspection.

The problem

Our customer was range limited using bonded cellular, while incurring high costs to stream their live video data. Their video bitrates were also preventing them from accessing satellite transmission systems. This resulted in the company having to fly multiple missions, with multiple feeds and build costly infrastructure with mobile command centres to receive all incoming video data.

Tveon Solution

Our engineers, scientists and developers used deep learning to design and create a custom encoder that solved their data transmission bottlenecks.

Tveon’s encoding solution optimized their 720p, 30 fps video by reducing bitrates from 80,000 kb/s to between 40 – 400 kb/s, which enabled live-streaming via commercial satellite, while maintaining sufficient visual fidelity for our client’s use case and analytics tools.

Our encoder is now extending our customer’s mission ranges and providing real-time feature viewing capabilities to their end users:

Our client’s encoded video data can now be transmitted using satellite communication.
Encoded video data can now be transmitted using satellite communication.

Business Impact

Tveon’s encoder reduced our customer’s video bitrate transmission to 0.5% of the original file sizes, cutting data costs associated with bonded cellular by over 95%.

We have improved their value proposition and network architecture by enabling their video data to be transmittable directly via satellite, expanding mission ranges to fly multiple drones simultaneously, which ultimately reduced the entire cost of their technology footprint.

Imagine what video can do

Interested in designing your own video solution? Tveon is a video engineering company specialized in flexible software development for video storage, processing and transmission. Contact us at for a demo.