Who we are

Tveon’s team of neuroscientists, mathematicians and video engineers have developed interactive video compression and encoding software, driven by continual learning AI, to enhance and support how we experience video information.

Our software delivers all aspects of video processing: input, transmission, custom encoding, storage and analysis, to fit any architecture – resulting in customized solutions for your use case in real-time. This means dramatically superior results compared to existing encoders, which take a “one size fits all” approach to video.

We deliver diverse solutions:

  • Proven compression of at least 90% of RAW file size, or below 25% of competitor’s best alternative, maintaining visually lossless fidelity.
  • Dynamic Regions of Interest which deliver dramatic compression, while fully retaining the original fidelity around only those objects you care about within video frames.
  • Flexible architecture to accommodate system constraints and meet your use case requirements.

Our mission

For 2020, the immediate and global demand of our “new normal” for consistent and stable remote communications, is bringing the Internet to its knees. Previously, video consumed 80% of global bandwidth. Now, with legislated social distancing, the remote work environment has necessitated severe bandwidth restrictions, affecting everything we do on the Internet, especially video.

The increased use of video conferencing to maintain social workflows and personal well-being is overwhelming the capacity created by these curtailments. Solving the video bandwidth problem is the only near-term solution to this global issue. Tveon delivers that solution.

We bring the power of deep learning and data engineering to optimize any video, to require less bandwidth and storage capacity than any alternative in the market, while providing an extraordinary viewing experience and real-time analytics. Our customers require immediate solutions to the complex barriers they face in realizing the value of their video data.

Tveon is a growing team of scientists, video engineers, AI experts and software developers on a mission to deliver these solutions to the world.

Core values


Video is a universal language. Do whatever you want with video, anywhere in the world.


AI-driven strategies are the future of video encoding. Our machine learning algorithms continuously evolve the capacity of your solution.

Transformative Solutions

Transformative solutions are imagined first. Imagine how to make the most of your video data and we will build it.


Flexible architecture encapsulates our technology and is inherent in its modular design. Our software handles all aspects of video processing: input, transmission, storage, encoding, and analysis to service any system architecture.

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